The Vaccination Abomination: How those who consider themselves to be the Global Elite, including Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations,and the World Health Organization are implementing the Depopulation strategies of involuntary sterilization, and injection of known carcinogens, and live viruses into the citizens of Planet Earth.


InfoWars Nightly News investigates the history of the Rockefeller Foundation’s promotion and funding of the HPV vaccine. Why would elitists who openly advocate draconian population reduction measures be trusted to create vaccines that have led to thousands of illnesses and scores of deaths in the case of the HPV shot alone? In a related matter, Alex delves into why cancer has risen despite billions in research and a bevy of vaccines supposedly designed to prevent the illness.
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 The Great Thimerosol Cover-Up: Mercury, Vaccines, Autism, and your Child's Health

Microsoft buys eugenics technology from Merck, becomes drug development partner with top global vaccine manufacturer

New Study Finds Direct Link Between Vaccines and Infant Mortality

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    A shocking new study published in a prestigious medical journal has found a direct statistical link between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates in the developed world, suggesting that the increasing number of inoculations being forced upon children by medical authorities, particularly in the United States which administers the highest number of vaccines and also has the highest number of infant deaths, is in fact having a detrimental impact on health.


    The study, entitled Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?, was conducted by Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman. It was published in the reputable Human and Experimental Toxicology journal, which is indexed by the National Library of Medicine.

    According to his biography, “Goldman has served as a reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Vaccine, AJMC, ERV, ERD, JEADV,and British Medical Journal (BMJ). He is included on the Editorial Board of Research and Reviews in BioSciences.”

    Miller, a medical research journalist and the Director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, has been studying the dangers of vaccines for 25 years.

    “Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates,” the study found, adding that the results demand an “essential” inquiry into the correlation between vaccine doses, biochemical or synergistic toxicity, and infant mortality rates.

    Despite the fact that the United States administers the highest number of vaccine doses to children in the entire developed world, 26 before infants reach the age of one, its infant mortality rate is higher than 33 other nations, all of which administer less vaccines. The study clearly illustrates the fact that developed countries which administer less vaccines have lower infant mortality rates, suggesting a direct statistical link between vaccination side-effects and infant deaths.

    For example, the two developed countries that require children be immunized with the least amount of vaccines, Japan and Sweden, also top the table for the lowest infant mortality rates.





     Are there really "Philanthropist's" like Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Warren Buffett  as well as Secret Societies like the Bilderbergers who would love to make sure that your vaccinations are up to date because they believe that you should have an expiration date? See Secret Societies Bilderberger Death Plot episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory


    Ethan A Huff
    Deniers of the link between mercury-laden vaccines and autism are going to have a hard time denying the latest findings by the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD). The nonprofit group has obtained critical documents via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that exposes the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) role in deliberately lying about and manipulating a key Danish study that showed a clear link between vaccines containing mercury and autism.

    In 2003, the journal Pediatrics published a study conducted in Denmark that observed a significant decline in autism rates following the country's elimination of Thimerosal, a mercury-based component, from vaccines. But thanks to the CDC's corrupting influence, the published version of the study in Pediatrics actually claimed the opposite, and alleged that removal of Thimerosal brought about an increase in autism rates.

    According to the documents, CDC officials removed large amounts of data from the study that showed a decline in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal. The agency then twisted the remaining data to imply an increase in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal, and suggested that there was no link between Thimerosal and autism.

       Lifetime Moms: Avoid the Flu Shot


    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's Vaccine Information Center






      Officials in Australia confirm that it's main seasonal flu vaccine FLUVAX has caused convulsions in 99 children thus-far!




    Global Depopulation efforts are being developed in collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organization.

    Sister Teresa Forcades a Dr. of Internal Medicine reveals shocking details of how the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine supplies intended for Human consumption, were tested by a Czech Lab Technician on lab animals which all died as a result of a very lethal and very infectious recombination of live Bird Flu, and seasonal Flu viruses, and contained coadjuants that resulted in immune systems going into fatal hyper-overdrive!

    "I don't wish it(the H1N1 Vaccine) on me, on my child, nor on anyone else close to me."  Dr. Forcades



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