EARTH: The Privileged Planet



The Earth (Ha Ezetz) truly is the Privileged Planet not only because it's atmosphere and abundance of water is ideal for sustaining life, but our worlds unique location on the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy enables Astronomers to have a wonderfully clear view of outer space during night time hours. Enjoy this top quality video, and be sure to show it to your unbelieving friends & relatives!


We are certainly blessed to live upon a most privileged of planets where just the right amount of Solar energy to keep our worlds plant, animal, and human forms of life growing in seasonal harmony while keeping us from freezing our tails off as Martians certainly would; or roasting away as one would in nanoseconds upon the surface of Venus.

 Since all life forms as we know them depend upon water for their sustenance, have you ever considered just how privileged we are to live on a Planet with abundant water resources that offer us so many choice recreational options such as surfing, skiing, snowboarding, wind and kite-surfing? Have you ever really considered how "fortunate" we are to live on a planet that offers the variety of water sports that are possible only because the temperature range on our planet allows water to circulate and gather within our atmosphere in liquid, solid, and gaseous states?

How could an early summer frosty morning snowboarding upon Mt. Hood, followed by an epic "Nukin'" windsurfing afternoon session in the Columbia River Gorge be possible without the proper amounts of water vapors that have been uploaded via evaporation off of the warm waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean, and have been carried by the Jet Stream wind currents up into the Northern Pacific only to be downloaded in their appropriate forms of snow, and rain upon the variations of elevation in the  Cascade Mountain Range?

Then since all life forms tend 2 return to the source, the next morning may bring totally awesome surf 2 the Pacific Coast so a wave session would be in order! Oh "how lucky" we as highly evolved monkey boys and girls R2 live on such a planet for "Such a Time as This"! where our transportation, and technical capabilities allow the Shaun White's, Lindsey Vonn's, Bode Miller's,  and Kelly Slater's of our world to travel to and fro with the best toys paid by their dare multi-national corporate sponsors enabling them to chase the Storm forecasts that just so happen 2 produce these epic conditions from time 2 time in a purely mechanical universe void of an intelligent Creator and Designer!

Have you ever considered the vitally beneficial role that the Moon has upon our earth? How could such wonderfully enjoyable activities like Surfing,Kite-surfing,and Wind-surfing the ocean's waves with out the Moon's subtle gravitational pull to mix up the nutrients and disperse the man-made added toxic chemicals in our formerly pristine Ocean waves due to the daily ebb and flow of the tide's? Looks like Noah we need to use da chemical Tide 2 clean up da birdies on da Gulf Coast due 2 Bee Pee aka Brit  eesh Petro lee um messin' wid up da Gulf Tuna fishies off of Venice Louis y Anna which wheel Zune her ore late tore end up stuck 2 Da Boards of da Third Coasts Serfers...Mo Betta stock up on Johnson & Johnsons Baby Oil 2 remove da Bee Pee's Crude effect on our Plan Neat Urf!!!  Oil Well so much 4 da Financial Section...Cash es gunna crash Oye Vay wat R we gunna dew Meesta Wroth's Child's Rocky Fellers Gold Man Saxons we got our Serf leashes caught between Bah Rock and a hard place.

Life is possible on Ha Eretz (the Earth) due to either it being spoken into Creation as declared by Elohim in the Set Apart (Holy) Scriptures, or due to an unfathomable mathematical sequence of  random fortunate circumstances that allow complex life forms to develop simultaneously in a purely mechanical universe. Either way our Planet currently is facing an awesome array of real and perceived imagined threats to our very existence such as over-population,nuclear proliferation, toxic pollution of our terrestrial waters and seas, and Climate Change the threat formerly known as Global Warming.

 Da ancient Hebrew Script Sures (Scriptures) instruct us that we are to be responsible stewards for the wonderful world that Yahuwah (Yahweh) has created for us; a Planet that offers some of Da Kine Nalus (The Best Waves) in da known universe, as well as da myriad plant and animal life forms to enable us humans to live an abundant and purposeful life. While enjoying an Endless Summer of Beeg Wave riding is beyond many of our Yahuwah given skills, and finances each of us may daily place ourselves in Yahuwah's Hands as we face our own "Jaws" of picking up our execution stakes and following Yahushua Ha Mashiach (Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah).
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