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Da Key 2 Eternity is a totally non profit, prophetic ministry that does not seek nor accept donations. We have nada 2 sell you. Our small role in Da Great .com Mission is to offer information dat already freely exists on the Web in a format designed to  save you time and help your understanding of End Times from a Scriptural as well as Geo-Political and economic perspective via da use of modern electronic multi-media. If you would like to contact us via this quick form for your comments or questions or to

Subscribe/UN-Subscibe  to  DA NEW SEES WORLD REPORT and other Key Updates all we need is your e-mail address and then please Submit your message to make this form work. You may skip the rest of this form as Da Key 2 Eternity and DA NEW SEES WORLD REPORT are designed 2 be sent:

  "To and Fro" in speeds measured in nano-seconds "For Such a Time as This" when Prophetic "Knowledge Shall Be Increased"

May YaHuWaH Bless You and Keep You...Numbers 6

Shalom: Da Key Ministries

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