A Sample of Demo Tracks for an upcoming untitled release to the Body Of Messiah,
recorded in Corpus Christi May 2011

        I Will Adore You!                 


                                                                                    Praise Adoni


                                                                      EL Gibor    Isaiah 9:6


                                                                       Ma Navu  

                                                                        Kol Dodi


                                                                    Dance With me LORD


   David Salinas, based in Rockwell Texas near Dallas has been ministering to the Body of Messiah as a Congregation based Praise and Worship Leader throughout his life. Now in obedience to the Ruach Ha Qodesh  the Set Apart Holy Spirit, David is seeking to broaden his already extensive travels as he continues bless others on their journey towards the coming Kingdom of Heaven as he sings Praises to our King in English, Spanish, as well as with the Set Apart Hebrew language.

 David recently traveled several hundred miles at his own expense to bless our quite modest Congregation with music that I'm certain that you will agree is awesome in power and praise to our eternal King. David is available to perform for a limited number of appearances in the upcoming months outside of his home Congregation.

 Please contact David Salinas Ministries for more information.

 Ps. If you agree with me that David's Music is indeed worthy of reaching an international audience please keep his Ministry in your Prayers, and if you have any contacts with a Faith based music recording company please consider sending them a link to the Demo recordings via this web-page for their consideration.
Bless You, and Keep You...in the name of


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