Reggie White's Spiritual Walk of Faith:

A Mighty Man of Elohim Who Shall be among the All Time Greats in the coming Kingdom of Heaven. While he may have had a "Sudden Death", he shall verily enjoy his eternal overtime:

 "Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."   Matthew 5:19

 Reggie White shreds a double teaming to snuff out a pass by Drew Bledsoe in the Packers Super Bowl Triumph. Winning the ultimate championship is the dream of all athletes, yet you need to discover what Reggie in the latter years of his life described to be "The most thrilling week of my life" in the video posted below: Reggie White's Spiritual Walk of Faith with Michael Rood.



   Don't tell me that Quarterbacks were not Praying on each and every Passing Play that their Linemen could hold their blocks against Reggie!

   While Reggie White was blessed by his Heavenly Father with an awesome blend of size, speed, and strength; Reggie made the most of these gifts by developing his ability to focus on each and every play. Reggie's Career earned him a temporary place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio.
While Canton, is a nice place to visit trust me it was not the Ultimate prize that Reggie was seeking. Reggie shall live forever for all of eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven!  And he shall not have a mortgage of his Heavenly Mansion!

Reggie stayed focused in his daily walk of faith on the Ultimate Gift that can never be taken from him the following season. Reggie is in Heavenly Hall of Fame and He Shall Be among the "All Time Great's because he choose to simply obey the instructions of his Heavenly Father and Jesus of Nazareth.  In the final years of his earthly existence Reggie made a wise decision to refer to our Messiah by calling him by his true Name of Yahshua. Reggie's decision to diligently study the Hebrew Roots of his Faith brought him into a truly renewed Covenant relationship with his Creator.

As many former "Christians" have discovered after making a truly life changing decision to begin to observe Biblical Sabbath's, the Feasts of Yahuwah, and eat only the foods that were designed by our Creator for human consumption Reggie had to make a "Real Man's" choice to seek to please his Heavenly Father rather then keeping his seat of prominence in the many Christian Assemblies that he like to had the opportunity to preach in. Reggie also had the ability to actually understand the real complaint that his earthly children had about their "having to go just to hear Reggie Preach the same old Testimony and Sermon over and over again" each Sunday. After his retirement from Pro Football Reggie also began to Hear the voice of his Heavenly Father. I could tell you more yet:

   Mo Betta you hear this message from Reggie White recorded in the video posted below  while he was still walking among us!

The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness. Isaiah 57:1-2

On December 26, 2004 about the time of the massive Tsunami that struck in the Indian Ocean Reggie White took his last breath, dying from the condition known as sleep apnea. Reggie was a World Class athlete best known as the National Football League's "Minister of Defense". He played Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles, before earning a Superbowl Ring with the Green Bay Packers.

 When Reggie retired for good after a "Last Hurrah" with the Carolina Panthers he had established a then NFL record of 198 Career Quarterback sacks. Reggie was well respected among his peers in the NFL as a tough, yet fair competitor who spent his off-field time as a Baptist Preacher.Reggie had been ordained early on in his teenage years and he was quite outspoken about his Christian testimony. Reggie took some punches from the media for what they considered to be his controversial Biblical based views on homosexuality, and abortion.

After his retirement from Pro Football, and after diligently seeking his Heavenly Father's will for the next stage of his life Reggie took some time off from active Ministry to begin to search out the Ancient Hebrew Roots of his Faith and began to study the Torah from a handful of gifted Scriptural teachers including Monte Judah, Nehemiah Gordon, and Michael Rood. Reggie had an earnest desire to Shema (Hear) the voice of Abba Yahuwah and T'shuva (repent) for his many years of merely being "More of a motivational speaker, than someone who was really preaching the Word of the Lord".

 Reggie simply was not interested in being paraded around the whole Christian Church scene as a famous former athlete to draw large crowds to the various Churches he might have continued to visit. After listening to his own kids pleading  on several off-season Sunday mornings "Why do we have to go to Church with you Dad, we already know what you are going to preach about: we've heard you say the same thing over and over"! Reggie wisely choose to begin to really:

  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,    rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15


 Reggie began to really grow in his Faith in Messiah Yahshua, as he began to more fully understand what Yahshua meant when he stated:

  I and my Father are Echad (One).
  If you Love me keep my Commandments.

 When Reggie prayerfully inquired with his Heavenly Father about just what Commandments that he should keep to the best of his ability, according to his station in life as a loving husband, and father who loved both his Heavenly Father, as well as his only begotten Son the answer he received in his Spirit was:

 "All of them"   ...including Scriptural Sabbath! When Reggie asked Yahweh why the day of Commanded rest was changed from the 7th Day to Sunday, Reggie was able to discern a still small voice in his Spirit stating:

 "That was something you (humanity) did, that's not something I did!"

 Needless to say Reggie's newly discovered Ancient Pathway of Faith was not well received by his New Covenant Christian brethren, especially the leadership of the Christian Churches where he formerly rubbed shoulders, and broke bread (and made mo bread!) with.

Reggie had essentially become a Cash Cow whose name and fame could fill the pews, and offering plates of whatever Church he had formerly been invited to preach at had now gone "Off Range" and was now considered to be a "Heretic" especially after his now prolonged visits to the Land of Israel to study Hebrew and learn under the guidance of both Messianic, and Karaite Scholars in Israel. While Reggie has been dearly missed by his family, as well as his new found Messianic brethren, he shall certainly be among the All Time Eternal Greats' in the soon coming Kingdom of Heaven for not only was he Torah observant, he also began to teach other Renewed Covenant Believers to walk in greater obedience to our Heavenly Creator. As Michael Rood so eloquently states:

  "Reggie, we'll see you when the smoke (of the Day of Yahweh) clears"!

Please take the time to view these short videos concerning Reggie's Renewed Walk of Faith and see the testimony in the following  video clips of his beloved wife Sara as well as Nehemiah Gordon and Andrea Kremer currently with NBC and HBO Sports.


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Reggie White the Minister of Torah Defense pictured with his mentor Monte Judah
 of Lion and Lamb Ministries

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