The Globalization of Tyranny: From the Land of the Free to the Home of the Brave New World Order. Evidence of The Emerging Scientific Dictatorship Long Planned by the Servants of Iniquity.

China Plants Flag on Constitution Avenue
The flags along Constitution Avenue tell you everything you need to know – America has been sold out and our new Chinese slavemasters are now leading the sheep to slaughter. Even as Barack Obama bows and fawns to President Hu Jintao, the globalists for whom he fronts are sharpening the knives and preparing to unleash the bloodletting as the dying carcass of America is dragged into line to facilitate the global management of the planet.

Meet the New Boss: China Owns the United States


10 Ways In Which China Humiliates The United States

Paul Joseph Watson
January 19, 2011

10 Ways In Which China Humiliates The United States 190111top2

Rolling out the red carpet, lining Constitution Avenue with Communist flags, and treating unelected Chinese dictator Hu Jintao to lavish White House dinners while he badmouths the U.S. dollar is hard enough to stomach, but there are a plethora of ways in which China is humiliating the United States as the globalists get ready to use China as the vehicle through which to complete the deindustrialization of the decaying American banana republic.

1: Tainted Chinese food imports are pouring into the United States with wanton disregard for the health impact or threat to the wider food supply. The Washington Post reported on how dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical, frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics, Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria and mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides were just some of the items from China that the Food and Drug Administration detained at U.S. ports in one month alone.


   The Fourth Reich:
The Real Face of the European Union


Massive UNrest could trigger a European Greek Spring!

 Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA Touts Mediterrenean Tsunami of Coups:

Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA Touts Mediterranean Tsunami of Coups tunisia Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA Touts Mediterranean Tsunami of Coups onepixel

The Arab world needs to learn a few fundamental lessons about the mechanics of CIA color revolutions, lest they replicate the tragic experience of Georgia, Ukraine, and so many others.

The US intelligence community is now in a manic fit of gloating over this weekend’s successful overthrow of the Tunisian government of President Ben Ali. The State Department and the CIA, through media organs loyal to them, are mercilessly hyping the Tunisian putsch of the last few days as the prototype of a new second generation of color revolutions, postmodern coups, and US-inspired people power destabilizations. At Foggy Bottom and Langley, feverish plans are being made for a veritable Mediterranean tsunami designed to topple most existing governments in the Arab world, and well beyond. The imperialist planners now imagine that they can expect to overthrow or weaken the governments of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, and perhaps others, while the CIA’s ongoing efforts to remove Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi (because of his friendship with Putin and support for the Southstream pipeline) make this not just an Arab, but rather a pan-Mediterranean, orgy of destabilization.

Hunger revolution, not Jasmine revolution

Washington’s imperialist planners now believe that they have successfully refurbished their existing model of CIA color revolution or postmodern coup. This method of liquidating governments had been losing some of its prestige after the failure of the attempted *****cratic Cedars revolution in Lebanon, the rollback of the hated IMF-NATO Orange revolution in Ukraine, the ignominious collapse of June 2009 Twitter revolution in Iran, and the widespread discrediting of the US-backed Roses revolution in Georgia because of the warmongering and oppressive activities of fascist madman Saakashvili. The imperialist consensus is now that the Tunisian events prefigure a new version of people power coup specifically adapted to today’s reality, specifically that of a world economic depression, breakdown crisis, and disintegration of the globalized casino economy


Sudan Next to Succumb to Bernanke's Inflationary Experiment, as Country Threatens Revolution Over Surging Food Prices

 A Royal Outing turns ugly as crowds of youth protesting the announcement of a three-fold rise in Tuition costs cry out  "Off with their heads!"   Who gave the Royal Limo Driver the instructions to take this route home to Windsor Castle?

Final move for world government and destruction of middle class begins


Paul Joseph Watson

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Globalists representing 60 nations will meet at the UN this coming week to push a tax on world financial transactions in the name of solving poverty and climate change, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government.

“Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes,” reports CNS News.

As Ira Stoll, editor of, points out, new taxes always start off small so as to not be resisted by the people forced to pay them, and are then always gradually increased.

“When people suggest taxes, they always start out ‘small,” said Stoll.

“But once the door is opened to the idea of ‘global taxes,’ you can bet they won’t end small. Never mind all the issues about whether development aid actually helps poor countries or just winds up empowering corrupt local dictators and their cronies.”

The call for a global transaction tax arrives in the aftermath of a leaked UN blueprint which outlined how elitists plan to re-brand global warming in an effort to dismantle the middle class by instituting a “global redistribution of wealth” via carbon taxes.

The aim is to “limit and redirect the aspirations for a better life of rising middle classes around the world,” in other words to reduce the standard of living for the middle classes in Western Europe and America.

However, as was uncovered during the Copenhagen summit, the program of “global redistribution of wealth” and transaction taxes largely centers around looting the wealth of the middle classes in richer countries and then using that money to bankroll the construction of world government. As the leaked “Danish text” revealed, the money generated from consumption taxes will go directly to the World Bank, not to developing countries to lower carbon emissions or alleviate poverty.

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        British Government to Seize All Paychecks???
           Big Brother on Steroids on a Global Scale!!!




 Unelected "Bloody Brussels Bastards" plot to impose additional direct tax burdens on already destitute European Citizens laboring under draconian austerity measures.


TSA Subjects Indian Ambassador To US
To Glass Cage, Enhanced Groping

Steve Watson
December 9, 2010

TSA Subjects Indian Ambassador To US To Glass Cage, Enhanced Groping 091210Shanker

   Meera Shankar  Indian Ambassador to the United States meets with President Obama in the Oval Office in a previous photo op

The Indian embassy in Washington is to issue a formal complaint to the US State Department following the treatment of a leading Indian Diplomat at the hands of the TSA.

Indian Ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankar (pictured above with the president) was pulled out of a security line at Jackson-Evers International Airport in Mississippi, taken into what has become known as a TSA “glass cage”, and forced to undergo an enhanced pat-down in full public view.

It is believed that the TSA operatives flagged Ms. Shankar not because she set of the metal detector, but because she was wearing a sari, a long traditional Indian robe.

Despite making it known that she was an international diplomat and asking for the search to be conducted in private, the TSA led her into a glass box where not one but two agents proceeded to conduct what has been described by thousands of travelers as nothing less than groping akin to foreplay or sexual molestation.  READ MORE

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